Most basic needs met for basic people.

The NNF is set up to address the most important (now) needs of the most vulnerable (now) people, from a family standpoint.


According to the World Bank 2021 report on Nigeria, 90 million people are poor, with an additional 10 million to join by 2023. Families can hardly afford as much as a square meal per day without begging, and one of the biggest causes of this is that many breadwinners have lost their source of livelihood. We want to help them restart!


Set up a small business venture.

After identifying families with the most pressing needs, especially those with women as breadwinners, we'd work with them to set up a very small business that doesn't require any skill, and which might not be related to what they used to do. However, it would be sufficient to help them start again.


Provide orientation/motivation.

Families that have lost their source of livelihood and turned to begging for survival, lose self-esteem, motivation, and a feeling of self-worth; and if financed without reorientation, the will fail. Our training will focus on Mental capacity development, Interpersonal skills' development, and business/finance management, in helping us achieve our goals.


Additional long-term support.

Beneficiaries will thereafter earn a monthly stipend to help carter for their family and other needs, while building their business, as long as they keep participating in our training, and submit a monthly report about progress. The training and stipends will be provided for 6 months, after which we believe the families would be mentally and financially stable enough to continue to succeed.

Our magic metrics

Here are some important metrics for us.


direct beneficiaries


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Become A NowNowFoundation Partner

Our vision is to get families out of the streets one breadwinner at a time, and to ensure that the most needy people are comfortably reintegrated into the society through a self-sustaining source of income.

We believe that helping the breadwinner, especially those with dependents, is a key to safeguarding our future, else we'd birth more criminals and prostitutes.

We hereby invite you to become an NNF partner by making a donation/commitment in order to take 10,000 families out of the streets by 2032.

Partners and friends helping to bring succour to families all around Nigeria